Why Buoyancy

With the countless competitive exams, group discussion rounds and interviews a student takes to get started with his professional life, the preparation always lags behind. The lack of right guidance at the right time, wrong choice of career mars the professional life a person. What actually no child is taught, is to pick his own challenge, plan an attack plan and persevere till fruit of his labor lands in his lap. We at Buoyancy want our student to learn exactly this along with doing good in school.

Know the world around you

A fortnightly session where students are made to discuss the happenings in the country and the world around in a detailed and analytic manner. Our aim is to inculcate a knowledge seeking aptitude so that the student is fully prepared to excel everywhere. How will this help: ah! This will the student all through his career-the competitive exams (CAT, UPSC, SSC and many more), the group discussion rounds, the interviews all require the student to have an extensive knowledge of the world happenings.

Workshops and seminars

Industry experts and motivational speakers will deliver talks and conduct workshops to open to the students a whole new world of opportunities. The industry experts from areas such as nanotechnology, robotics, augmented reality, architecture etc. will divulge all the information that the students need to know to select the perfect careers for themselves.

Weekly tests

Tests structured to test the if the student has acquired a complete understanding of the concepts, followed by discussion classes to inculcate the technique to write better answers.

We believe in progress and more so in encouraging a healthy student-parent-teacher relationship with the focus on the student’s progress graph.