Buoyancy Library is design for all the students who want to study for long hours and in peaceful environment, we connect today’s community to a world of possibilities.

Study Rooms

Three study rooms are available on the ground floor of Buoyancy Education to accommodate people of maximum capacity of 40. Free Wi-Fi, Drinking water & Washroom Facilities are available at the institute.

Individuals or groups may reserve a study room for a one- or two-hour period with a maximum of five reservations per day and no more than a total of six reservations in a 14-day period. Customers sharing a study room are considered a group and these limits apply to the entire group.

Food is not permitted, but customers may have drinks with lids.

  • No equipment is provided for use in the room.
  • No adhesive or tape may be used on any surface.
  • There are 3 white boards in the room.
  • Writing of any kind on any surface is not allowed

Easily Accessible For Indirapuram

Buoyancy Library is located at 738, SF2, Niti Khand 1, Indirapuram. Nearby Metro Station- Vaishali Metro Station for public transportation routes serving the library.

Easily Accessible For Gurugram

Buoyancy Library is located at 24I, Block B, Sushant Lok Road, Sec 27, Gurugram. Nearby Metro Station- iffco Chowk Metro, Huda City Center metro Station for public transportation routes serving the library.

About Teaching

What is your teaching style?

Buoyancy Education believe’s very strongly in building a strong foundation for overall development of children. A strong foundation helps to make it easier for students’ to learn other topics, and also builds their foundation in the su-bject. We teach each topic from scratch. The systematic approach on clearing the concepts and the understanding of it at first, moving on the applications and more complex questions as we come to the end of the topic. The lessons are catered towards developing sound concept understanding for every topic, as well as teaching useful techniques to be used in problem solving. Students will be required to apply the concepts to different situations and will learn to use their knowledge to solve problems.

Are there materials provided?

Yes, we provide in-house notes and materials. The materials are meticulously prepared. The material which is a combination of renowned authors and past sample papers facilitate learning in an easy and gradual process.

Are there any assignments?

Yes there are. We will highly encourage students to do the assignment because it will help clarify any conceptual errors that students may not think they have. And it gives the student an idea of how well they have grasped the concepts. From past statistics, students who submit the assignments do very well in school.

Can students ask their own questions outside of the class?

Yes, students can whatsapp/message their questions (during institute hour), and we will provide them with solutions and explanations. I encourage students to do so because they learn much faster this way.

About Missed Lessons

Are there any make up classes?

There are no make up classes during normal school terms. If a student can’t make it for a lesson, he/she can come half an hour earlier for the next lesson and we will explain to him/her the concepts taught in the previous lesson. We would encourage students to try to make it for all lessons, and not to miss lessons if they can help it. There are, however, make up lessons during the holidays, as many families will want to go on holidays and there are also various school activities going on as well.

Other Questions

Why is my child not scoring well despite having tuition?

Tuition provides the student with the resources to do well. They supplement the lessons taught in schools. Ultimately, it is the students’ efforts that will determine his/her grades. For example, putting a student in a top-notched tuition centre will not guarantee the student getting an A1 if he/she has an adverse reaction towards the subject and refuses to participate fully in the tuition lessons. Also, the ‘chemistry’ between the tutor and the child plays an important role. Children learn much faster when they trust and are willing to learn from the tutor. If the child finds it a chore to attend tuition, chances are the tutor and the child is not a good fit.

Ask Us

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