Learning a new language not only improves your profile and outlook but also makes your brain smarter and healthier.

We offer the customized courses for professional skills, college going students, homemakers as well as anyone interested in enhancing the portfolio or learn it as a hobby.

The academic option is growing with ever widening potential for students from grade 4 till grade 12 (CBSE/IB/IGCSE) schools. The students have diverse visions: From business expansions, job prospects as well as higher education abroad. Many miscellaneous arenas also are emphasizing on more inclusive linguistic scopes.

Learners will get the opportunity to acquire language skills as well as socio-cultural competence that will enable them to communicate effectively with the multicultural world in the activities related to daily life. Every domain in the United Nations also requires multiple languages and all of these languages offered are official languages in UN and their bodies in the new phase of globalization.

Our language faculties have dedicated experience in their respective languages and coordinate all the information and counseling related to the programme having a diverse network of language based career opportunities across the globe. We also offer standard holistic learning environment and quality exposure. Placement assistance and latest news updates are also provided serving the interest of the learners.

The classes and interactive sessions are provided at the branches of BUOYANCY EDUCATION on weekdays & weekends.

The Certificates are also awarded by BUOYANCY EDUCATION.

We are offering the following courses:

  • Basic proficiency in the language relevant for all age groups.
  • The official recognized and standardized exam preparations like DELE & DELE Escolar (young learners), DELF, GOETHE-ZERTIFIKAT, and other respective embassy certifications.
  • CBSE/IB/IGCSE curriculum for school students.
  • Specially designed customized courses for college going students, professionals, homemakers and corporates.

Our language programmes are bilingual, highly structured and multimedia integrated but being very proficient in English is not a compulsion as generalized by most of the students. 

Learning languages always improves performance in other academic areas and increase networking skills and it widens job prospects; e.g. Manufacturing industries, Service Sector, Tourism or Medical Tourism, to name few. It also opens new doors of opportunities ranging from studying abroad to working and expanding business across the globe. As it is rightly said that languages are the doorways to trade.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”