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Originated in the 13th century, Urdu is an Indo-European language official to the country Pakistan. In India, the language is spoken by 50+ million people. Build with the grammatical elements of both Arabic and Persian language, it is known as the language of poetry.  Urdu is a cultural language with rich literature and poetry. It is somewhat similar to Hindi, Turkish, Punjabi, Persian, and Sanskrit. You will find an improved exposure in learning other mentioned languages once you are thorough with Urdu. It is among the 20 most spoken languages in the world with 160+ million people speaking Urdu in 26+ countries.

At Buoyancy education, our tutors will help you with Urdu speaking, writing and reading lessons to help you learn this very sweet language really quick. Our trainers tailor their courses to make learning languages very specific to your needs. Why not grab the most of it with us!!!


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