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Marathi is the native language of Maharashtra, India. It is the 4th most vocal language in India. You would be amazed to know that Marathi stands as the15th most spoken language in the world. While there are over 90 million fluent speakers of Marathi, it is a sweet language you would love to learn.  Marathi is more than 1300 years old that has originated from Sanskrit.

Especially when it comes to being a professional where you have to serve your clients belonging from a particular place, knowing the native language of that person becomes imperative. For instance, you may have to deal with clients in cities like Maharashtra and Goa where learning Marathi becomes imperative to deal with the locals. Mumbai and Pune are metropolitan cities of Maharashtra.

These cities attract many multinational companies from the world. Learning Marathi aids in building a friendly business relationship. Furthermore, for someone who wishes to set up their professional business or trade in the Marathi speaking states, knowing Marathi works as a boon to the business. Interaction with clients likewise becomes much easier. We at Buoyancy Education are here to support you with local languages and help you make the most of whatever you pursue!


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