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With 290+ million people speaking Arabic, the language is fifth-most widely spoken language in the world. It is one of the fastest-growing languages in the United States. Over 25 countries that claim Arabic as an official and co-official language and approximately 4.23% of the world’s population speaks Arabic. Introducing you to the opportunities in Arabic-speaking countries, these countries have big petroleum industries and are used to outsourcing varied services in South Asia. The clientele visiting here for Medical-Tourism has a phenomenal lobby.

What’s more? You will find numerous communication career for Arabic speakers. For example, reporting, foreign correspondent, translation and interpretation opportunities, etc. There persist numerous corporate careers for Arabic speakers in fields like consultation, legal filings, analysis, etc. Even if you wish to pursue higher studies in Arabic speaking countries, admissions shall get more comfortable! Learn Arabic with the most experienced trainers at Buoyancy Education.

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