Spanish Trainer

About Me

She is a Post graduated in Travel & Tourism along with a SIELE B2 from Instituto Hispania , who has worked as a translator and interpreter for 04 years but was always inclined to teaching. Teaching is something which gives you an opportunity to learn more than you teach. She worked in Delhi Institute of Hotel Management Delhi as a Spanish Faculty , also worked with Superprof and Urbanpro teaching students of different nationalities.  She has also  experience in translation and  worked with various companies on different projects.

 She has been teaching students of all ages and expertized in understanding that every learner is different and special.  As a teacher ,she has always tried to understand the students’ learning abilities and where and how they find their interest.  Her classes are not only based on theoretical details but also on practical knowledge. While learning a language it is very important to gain confidence in speaking the language which she makes really fun and easy for students. Her sessions are really interactive as it includes talking, reading, playing and watch as she believes that learning a language should be wonderful experience.  

She is very adaptive, inquisitive, and enthusiastic teacher.Her lessons are very organised and prepared well in advance. She makes sure  that every learner gets the attention they need and work on their grey areas to prepare them to stand before the world.

 Her  absolute love for this language and the profession  has made the sessions more cheerful.

So come and join this beautiful experience and celebrate it together.