French Trainer


He is a French language teacher. He can teach to students from classes 4-12 th or to other people who are interested to learn this language. He has 8 years of experience in teaching French language to students. He has taught in Allenhouse Public School, Rooma and Allenhouse Public School, Panki, both are exceptionally reputed schools in Kanpur, India. He is also a well-known French language trainer of Buoyancy Education, which is the best emerging tutorial institution of India. You can also find Pulkit Garg’s education platform on Udemy website where he has created modules for any person to learn this beautiful language of Romance.

He can help you cover up with the topics of A1 & A2 levels of Delf exam or simply help you understand your school course syllabus. His teaching not only includes basic course of French language but also includes fun activities, interactive games, quizzes and videos through which a person tends to learn the language in a quick manner. The visuals and gaming concept also helps the student to grab the topics taught for a longer period of time. He can help you go through the entire course of French language in English or Hindi, whichever way suits you. If you are staying in India or even if you are staying abroad, he will assure that there will never be a communication gap between you and him. The classes can very well be conducted through online mode via Zoom or Google meet apps and thus there is no question of distance arising between a teacher and a student. He can conduct both group classes or provide you with individual classes.

So if you want to learn this language in a quick and efficient possible way, you should definitely contact him. He is here to give his best education and teaching practices to you. He would love to spend time with you so that you can develop a linguistic habit. And he is sure that you will love to be a part of his class.