Buoyancy Education

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

“We Develop Smarter Brains”

Buoyancy education is founded on the idea of complementing the school education. We provide a wholesome and complete knowledge base to our students to prepare them to succeed everywhere. The Buoyancy program is designed to impart learning in lucid, yet comprehensive manner. We help your child to score more at school and also prepare them to be winners at every step of their professional lives. The various tools that are required to be a winner in
life-the “Buoyant force “needed to embark on a successful career is imparted here at Buoyancy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our students independent, self-sufficient and responsible enough to take on any challenge that life throws at them. Our student shall be well-equipped with all the tools to take on any competitive exam or interview that they would wish to clear in their careers ahead.


Our mission is to instill a knowledge seeking aptitude in our students. Our student must know how to recognize an opportunity, interpret it, plan accordingly and cease it.


Each student with his own strengths has the potential to be a winner. The belief has to be nurtured and the student needs to be steered in the right direction. And the student is ready to start her quest to make a mark in the world.


We at Buoyancy strongly advocate a very strong student-teacher relationship. Here, the students are encouraged to speak up, hold debates, discuss topics subjectively in the classroom. We also believe in the values of discipline, planning ahead and perseverance and aim to impart the same to the students.