The Abacus is a tool used in Japan and china that not just performs the function of a calculator but also trains and harnesses the potential of the human brain in the process. The Abacus when used over a period of time with practice becomes a mental calculator for children. Over a period of time the child becomes a specialist in numerical and arithmetical skills.

The Abacus system of learning involves the harnessing of the left hemisphere of the brain that is logical and the right hemisphere of the brain that is intuitive. This helps greatly in the cognitive skills of a child and also unlocks hidden talent that may otherwise go unnoticed. Gradually the Abacus tool is withdrawn, and the child relies solely on calculating functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division mentally.

Abacus is a simple device for calculate addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, HCF, LCM decimals, square root, cube. Abacus is an instrument that was invented some 3000 years ago primarily in China, which later spread through countries like Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. It was used in ancient times for calculating numbers through the Basic Arithmetic System. It has now been proven as a ‘Whole Brain Development’ tool over the last two decades. Abacus became popular over the world after being transformed from a calculating instrument into a ‘Holistic Brain Development System’, in addition, to make learning Math easy and effective.

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